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My dear friends

I think there can hardly be a greater inspiration in American history than Theodore Roosevelt. His courage, his honesty, his character, his energy and his profound vision for America are beacons shining through the ages. At his best, he showed us what we can be at our best, and taught us what it means to be Americans.

Our debt to him in this is almost beyond calculation. But even more than that, his attraction lasts as one of the most interesting men who ever lived a man who was interesting because he was interested. There is no subject on which he did not thirst for knowledge: history, politics, philosophy, nature, linguistics, taxidermy, poetry the list is endless. His colossal and kaleidoscopic passion for life and learning is just another of the many layers of his personality and another cause for our admiration.

To bring this astonishing man alive, as well as my poor abilities as an actor can do, is the purpose of the TR! Show.


Derek Evans
The TR! Show

Derek Evans was trained for the theatre at Northwestern University, New York University and the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. As manager and director of the Monarch Theatre Company he toured Shakespeare, Opera and literary adaptations to schools throughout the American Midwest, logging almost seven thousand performances for over two million students.

Since 1997 he has performed TR! for schools, colleges, universities, libraries, churches and museums from California to Vermont.


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